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Virtuoso Violinist David Garrett: January 29th, 2014

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Virtuoso Violinist David Garrett talks about The Devil’s Violinist Thrilling audiences by the tens of thousands in sold-out venues across the globe, David Garrett is a phenomenon… a Rock Star Violinist. Having been one of the first to study under Itzhak Perlman at Juilliard, David has gone on to not only inspire audiences with his […]

35 years of Rescuing Animals with Leo Grillo: January 15th, 2014

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Delta Animal Sanctuary Founder Leo Grillo The founder of the world’s largest No Kill, Care-for-Life Sanctuary of its kind in the world, Leo Grillo started off his career as an actor. But in 1979 he accidentally found a new life path when he rescued an abandoned dog. Now the sanctuary is a 115-acre home to […]

Emmy-award winning writer/producer/director, author, and baseball announcer Ken Levine: December 23rd, 2014

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Hollywood Ken Levine talks plays, hosting on TCM, And what he thinks of sitcoms today He’s one of our favorite guests, and we always learn something new when we chat. Ken Levine talks about how to get a play produced, what it was like to host the Neil Simon movie tribute on TCM, and why […]

AYSO Exec Director Kim Roberts Hedgpeth talks soccer and the Rose Parade

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Celebrating Fifty Years of AYSO with the Rose Parade Kim Robert Hedgpeth guests Every year we highlight a float that will be in the Pasadena Rose Parade, and this year it’s the float for the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO). They’re celebrating their 50th anniversary and are teaming up with the organization’s birthplace, the city […]

Author Lily Koppel and The Astronaut Wives Club: June 25th, 2013

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The Astronaut Wives Club – The untold story of remarkable women Lily Koppel guests Appearing to the world as Stepford Wives, the spouses of the early astronauts had strict guidelines from NASA they needed to follow or their husband might lose their place in the space program. Author Lily Koppel spoke with many of the […]

Feature Interview: Psychic Counselor Karen Page: May 23rd, 2013

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Tuning in to the universe with psychic counselor Karen Page She’s been working with top-name CEO’s and celebrities for over 40 years. Now Karen Page chats with us about how she “knows” things and how the information comes to her. We’ll talk about developing psychic abilities, how to tell if someone is a fraud, and […]

Feature Interview: From ebook to New York Times Bestseller list – Chris Culver

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From ebook to New York Times Bestseller – the story of Chris Culver When you can’t get a publisher to publish your book, what do you do? Thousands of people have turned to creating ebooks. Chris Culver did the same thing – only his book sold over 750,000 and spent 16 weeks on the New […]

Feature Interview: Tequila Journalist Mike Morales: May 2, 2013

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Tequila 101 with tequila journalist Mike Morales It’s one of the most expensive spirits in the world, and probably the most misunderstood. Tequila journalist Mike Morales educates us on the history, background and proper way to enjoy tequila. We learn that tequila comes from a lily, not a cactus…that tequila can only come from a […]

Feature Interview: Love, Sex and the Brain with Judith Horstman

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Love, Sex, and the Brain! Our favorite health & science journalist returns! Judith Horstman guests With Valentine’s Day next week, we thought it timely to welcome back Scientific American health and science journalist Judith Horstman to talk about love, sex and the brain. Can love be an addiction? Is there a difference between the brains […]