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Are healthy foods making you fat? Nutrition expert Lyn Genet: October 14th, 2014

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Could “healthy” foods be making you fat?
YES, says nutrition expert Lyn Genet Recitas!

We think foods like oatmeal, salmon and Greek yogurt are good for us. But for some bodies they just help pile on the pounds. The ground-breaking new research by nutrition expert Lyn Genet Recitas, as she explains in her new book The Plan, is showing that we need to discover the right foods for our own individual bodies… that not everyone has the same body chemistry. And foods that we may think are healthy, could just be the ones that are keeping us from losing weight and feeling good.

She’s convinced Dr. Oz… and you may find it’s the right answer for YOU!

Click on the player below to the hear chat with Lyn and Pam

About Lyn Genet Recitas:

Lyn-Genet Recitas has been a holistic nutritionist since 1983 studying nutritional therapy, holistic medicine, herbology, homeopathy and shiatsu. She started working with immune response and hormonal balance twenty years ago on the west coast and has been running health centers for the past ten years in New York City and Westchester. Lyn-Genet and her team at The Lyn-Genet Plan have helped thousands of men and women find easy, effective ways to lose weight, improve health and reverse the aging process.

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