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Life And Other Matters – Holiday Films and Books with Special Guest Lee Child: November 29, 2011

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Hollywood knows we love to see movies at the holidays, so there’s always a blockbuster or two that makes it to the screen in that timeframe. For example, the Muppets movie just came out. There was Puss in Boots. And at Christmas you can expect Sherlock Holmes, War Horse and We Bought a Zoo.
One of the films in casting stages (maybe it will be out NEXT Christmas?!) is a Lee Child thriller featuring his main hunk Jack Reacher. We get in quite the discussion over whether Tom Cruise is the right guy for the part, and do movie-goers even care if the character doesn’t match the book description.
Plus, I talk with Lee about the casting decisions, how he got into writing, and how he helps authors new to the genre to get exposure.
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For more about Lee and Jack Reacher, click here:
How does Tom Cruise feel about the criticism being sent his direction for starring as Jack Reacher? Click here to find out!


3 Responses to “Life And Other Matters – Holiday Films and Books with Special Guest Lee Child: November 29, 2011”
  1. Brenda McIlmail says:

    First of all I am a Tom Cruise fan, but he is NOT Jack reacher for so many reasons…maybe Lucas Davenport in the Prey books by John Sanford, but no way for Jack Reacher…have read all the books..yes, everyone of them. I believe it will ruin the character..please rethink this decision

  2. Mike Shaw says:

    Are you kidding? That whinny pip-squeak Tom Cruise as Reacher?
    I have just poked my minds-eye out with a stick!

  3. Joyce Williams says:

    I’ll see the movie, of course. But Tom Cruise as Reacher is totally laughable! If this turns into a series, aka The Bourne Identity, please rethink this lead role. Reacher’s size is only one aspect that won’t make Tom Cruise believable. Mainly, it’s his persona. A smiling, jump on the sofa Tom Cruise; oh please! If you could not find an actor with the right body type and attitude, then you should have just gone for the attitude. How about someone like Jim Caviezel. He’s a dominating force in Person of Interest. I’ll be seeing the movie without my bookclub; they refuse to go.

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