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Altitude and Attitude: Two Lessons I Learned From Flying

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by Renie Stag Smith The door to my classroom opened quickly one Friday afternoon in September after all of my classes were finished for the week.  One of my former students bounded in, grinned widely and asked, “Mrs. Smith, remember the airplane ride I promised you before I graduated?  What are you doing tomorrow morning?  […]

It’s our Halloween Extravaganza! October 26, 2010

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Hairy, Scary Halloween movies and more! Click on the player below to hear the show with Abby Lunetta and Paul Eno! On our annual Halloween Extravaganza show, we talk about the Top Ten Horror Flicks that will sizzle your brain and fry your eyes! From women who spelunk down the wrong cave, to flesh-eating zombies, […]

That Very Special Dress

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by Renie Stag Smith My seven-year old granddaughter called me last Saturday.  I could barely decipher her words as she sobbed. Her mother is in the process of “staging” their house, readying it to sell it so they can move into a larger, more family-friendly abode.  If you’ve read any of the books or seen […]

Professional Clown Pricilla Mooseburger: October 12, 2010

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Making a living clowning around – former Barnum & Bailey Clown Pricilla Mooseburger guests How she ran away to join the circus (kinda) and what it was like as one of the first female clowns Click on the player below to listen to Pricilla’s interview with Pam About Pricilla Mooseburger: Pricilla Mooseburger (Tricia Manuel) originally […]